Question and Answer Page

What is Northland Online School? 

Northland Online School serves Kindergarten to Grade 11 students. The online school utilizes a whole school and personalized approach to learning where learners participate in inclusive and engaging online learning experiences.

What will instruction look like? 

Instruction will consist of synchronous online sessions, small group online work, asynchronous learning activities and projects, and whole group collaborative experiences. 

Curriculum and hours of learning

School hours will be similar to those of an on campus learning program and the curriculum will be aligned with the Alberta Program of Studies for all subject areas with a focus on Indigenous language and culture. 

What are the technology requirements for my child?

Students will require a reliable and robust home internet connection and a Chromebook for learning. Northland Online School will provide every student in the program with a Chromebook to borrow. 

What are my parental responsibilities?

Parents are required to be aware of student participation and progress in the program and to ensure students are attending school online every day, completing assignments and classwork, and communicating with their teacher. Consistent and full parental involvement is required for optimal student success in the program. 

Who will my child’s teachers be?

Your child’s teachers will be educators from across the Northland School Division with teaching backgrounds and specialties in various curriculum and content areas. A well-rounded group of educators has been chosen to provide your child with an optimal online learning experience.

Will my child be able to still learn Cree and Dene languages?

Yes, Northland Online School will provide opportunities for your child to continue learning Cree and/or Dene. 

Will my child be able to participate in land-based learning activities?

Yes, land-based learning will be integrated into the teaching of all subject areas and teachers will rely upon the knowledge and support of traditional knowledge keepers.

What about assessment and feedback?  

Teachers will provide ongoing assessment and feedback using various tools to make learning visible and guide student progress. There will be three reporting periods where report cards will be issued and parent/teacher/student conferences will occur regularly. 

Can my child take in-school learning classes?

Your child will be registered in the online learning experience and will complete all classes online. However, there will be opportunities throughout the school year to participate in collaborative online learning experiences with students who attend classes in a physical school building. 

Can my child participate in extracurricular activities?

Yes, extracurricular activities will be offered at various times throughout the school year and your child will be invited to join in the optional opportunities that match his/her interests. 

What else should I know about online learning?

The Government of Alberta has provided an Online Learning Student and Family Guide with more information and considerations about online learning. Please note, this guide refers to online learning in general and is not a Northland Online School guide.